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The historic environment – choosing a good consultant (part 2)

Archaeological-services for construction developers

In this, the second part of “Choosing a good consultant” Commercial Archaeology’s Helen Martin-Bacon continues to highlight things that a developer should consider before searching for a Historic Environment Consultant. Qualities you should expect – part two The article is of course biased towards what I believe on a personal and professional level makes a good […]

The archaeological watching brief – why it’s a double edged sword

Archaeological watching brief

The watching brief as part of the construction process A watching brief is defined by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) as a formal programme of observation and investigation conducted during any operation carried out for non-archaeological reasons. To clarify, this means that when groundwork is being undertaken as part of the actual construction process – for example, […]

How an archaeological watching brief can become expensive for a developer

Archaeological watching brief by Commercial Archaeology

Complex and significant archaeology can cause significant delays on site An archaeological watching brief can become a very expensive and time costly requirement for the developer. The Written Schemes of Investigation (WSIs) for watching briefs all contain a section which states that in the event of archaeological remains being uncovered which cannot be dealt with under the watching […]

Procuring an archaeological contractor – how to avoid the pitfalls (part 1)

Archaeological contractors pitfall - guide for developers

Advice for developers: beware of the cheap quotation… Part one of a two part article by Helen Martin-Bacon of Commercial Archaeology. Procuring an archaeological contractor – how to avoid the pitfalls (part 2) » At some point in time most individuals or organisations involved in development, whether they are developers, architects, planners or strategic land managers have […]

Geophysical survey – 3 techniques used in archaeology

Geophysical survey most used techniques

The three survey methods principally used by archaeologists The geophysical methods used in archaeology have been largely adapted from those used in geological contexts, such as with mineral exploration. There are many forms of geophysical survey – but there are three which are principally used in archaeology. Magnetometry measures the magnetic field strength at particular locations at particular […]

Trial trenching pros and cons

Trial trenching pros and cons

The importance of early engagement with the the Local Planning Authority There are pros and cons attached to trial trenching as with any other archaeological evaluation technique. The pros are that from the developer’s perspective trial trenching can be a way of establishing the significance of any archaeological remains within the area of the scheme […]