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Eight ways to spot a bad heritage and archaeology consultant

How to spot a bad Heritage Archaeology consultant

Helen Martin-Bacon of Commercial Archaeology has added a third article to accompany her recent pieces The historic environment – choosing a good consultant part one and part two.

Strategic land acquisition – consider heritage assets: part 1

Heritage assets and strategic land acquisition

The benefits of a proactive approach to heritage and archaeology With the enormous pressures we are facing in 21st century Britain to meet the housing demands of an increased and continually expanding population, identification of sites suitable to fulfil local housing needs is an urgent task. Strategic land managers throughout the country are busily engaged […]

Procuring an archaeological contractor – how to avoid the pitfalls (part 2)

Archaeological contractor procurement

Beware of commissioning on price alone… Part two of a two part article by Helen Martin-Bacon of Commercial Archaeology. Read Procuring an archaeological contractor – how to avoid the pitfalls (part 1) » From the development perspective there is an understandable imperative to control costs at all stages of a proposed project but particularly at application […]

Trial trenching pros and cons

Trial trenching pros and cons

The importance of early engagement with the the Local Planning Authority There are pros and cons attached to trial trenching as with any other archaeological evaluation technique. The pros are that from the developer’s perspective trial trenching can be a way of establishing the significance of any archaeological remains within the area of the scheme […]