Brownfield development and heritage assets – advice for a developer

Brownfield development and heritage assets – what it means for a developer

Heritage assessments and surveys

Historic buildings within a brownfield site – whether they are being retained and re-used or are earmarked for demolition – can require a developer to undertake appropriate heritage assessment and survey prior to works commencing.

It also follows that the larger and more significant the building is considered to be in terms of its heritage value, the more time consuming and costly the heritage work that is likely to be required.

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As a consequence, it is advisable for developers considering brownfield schemes to keep in mind the potential for the presence of both above ground and below ground heritage assets which will require work at various stages of the planning process.

The benefits of early identification

Early on identification of such risks is the best approach and can be done quite rapidly and cost-effectively through commissioning a constraints report, or having archaeological input during SI works.

Constraints reports along with a review of geotechnical data and monitoring of SI investigations can do much to identify the presence of potential archaeological and/or heritage constraints within a brownfield site.

The results of such assessments can be very effective in establishing the potential date, location and significance of heritage assets within the proposed scheme and in turn allow informed decisions to be made on scheme layout, foundation design and on any later mitigatory works required.

In the long run this can preclude the sort of delays and costs which arise when unexpected heritage assets are encountered within a brownfield development.

Commercial Archaeology Ltd has extensive experience of managing and mitigating both the archaeological and built heritage aspects of brownfield development and can provide a range of services aimed at dealing with the particular challenges developers of brownfield schemes face.

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